there once was this someone
this special someone

that everytime we met
for some odd reason the universe would punish us
by always sending down the rain

and since i didnt hav a car & that special someone had a motor cycle
it was always hard to meet if it rained

therefore i started hating the rain
but now we're no longer together

when it rains, it's always depressing

and now i've learnt that maybe rain wasn't so bad
if at least i'd get to meet him
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will i always be just a duck ?
have you ever heard the terms that ducks are useless animals ?

cause they are considered in the middle
between not being able to fly and not being able to swim like penguins or normal birds

well, everyone im a "D U C K"
i will always be just abit good at something but never specialized in anything

just wondering when will this duck learn new things
when will i evolve or change ..

actually everything's up to me
but as all you guys know change is always hard in its own way
weather what type of change you're trying to change

so good luck to all my fellow ducks out there
have faith and try harder !!
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Forgiving & Forgetting
Do you guys ever find it hard to forgive people ?

Some people forgive others so hard
Some people forgive others too easily

Some people say you have to forget to forgive
But is it able for people to forgive others without having to forget about it

I'm completely the opposite
I can never really hate any one

No matter how bad they treated me or how hard they might have hurted me in the past

Actually my ex just found himself a new gf
I feel happy for him that he finally moved on in his life

Our relationship ended quite bad
And after the break up he might have said some bad things n stuff
But still I have no feeling or hate for him :)
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Have you ever gambled before ?
or maybe you're already in the gambling game without even knowing it

when we gamble sometimes we win
and ..
sometimes we lose

once we have won from gambling we can't seem to stop
we continue gambling wishing to get more

the thing is when do we know its enough ??

if we keep on gambling we might lose even more than we have won

i've been gambling my heart around
wishing in return i'd get another heart back

i guess i just didn't hit the jackpot yet
but am i willing to keep on making the risk ?
or ..

maybe it's time to take my biggest bet off the table .. which is my heart :]
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i wonder what happened to ROMANCE ?
i guess it got killed without any warnings ..

e-mails killed letters,, n' phone calls killed a feeling called "missing someone"
somehow nowadays i dn't see many guys buying girls flowers
n' it seems like guys stop writing poems to flirt

Romance .. are u lost ? or am i lost ? or maybe i just lost u ..

u might call me old fashion or stereotyped if u wannted
but damn it,, i miss u ROMANCE !!

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